Fear for President? Impeach with Prayer

*disclaimer- I’m not as up to date with the state of the country or what’s happening news-wise with it. So some of this is bound to sound under-educated if you are up to date. Feel free to leave a comment to clarify or explain things to me that I get wrong.
Never the less, fear is prominent and prayer remains.*

If I’ve seen one thing throughout Trump’s campaign and presidency so far, even his winning the election- it’s fear. Trump is scared, the people of this country are scared. A natural human reaction to fear is to shut ourselves away from what scares us, to rid ourselves of the scary things. This country has been scared of control from an outside source, of harm to our people and freedom, for years. We want to keep what we claimed all those years ago with the first New England settlement. So far in my life, 9/11 is the closest we’ve ever come to that, and it scared us greatly.
Therefore the recent laws and such against immigration and refugees make sense. I think at first, when all the talk started to surface about a wall and sending these immigrants and refugees back where they came from or denying anymore of them entry didn’t quite make sense to me. To my uninformed mind, there don’t seem to be any big problems caused only by these people. But it looks different when thought about in the context of fear.
And with that in mind, and without denying the need for much discernment for lawmakers in this country, a major prayer need of our country is for courage and peace. I think we need to remember Who is ultimately in control, surrender our opinions, problems, fears, thoughts, feelings to Him, and ask Him for courage for the days ahead. We need to pray for a heart and mind like Christ’s, that we would respond to what’s happening now in our country and in ourselves because of our country, in the way that He would, and whatever is needed for us to carry that out.


One thought on “Fear for President? Impeach with Prayer

  1. I like your title. We should have a convo about this sometime. The fears make sense, but the details of the laws/talks don’t, and I believe the evidence points to some really wrong beliefs on the part of the leadership suggesting them. I like that you’re willing to talk about it!

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