Contact With Culture- Journal Entry 1

Simply because of the way my life has been so far, I don’t consider myself very cultured, and it is something I want to gradually change. And being in Chicago, and at Moody, are helping to make that change happen. I love the fact that I’ve been able to get to know a handful of the international students and a little bit about their culture. God has allowed us a great opportunity to experience other cultures and people, and I’m so grateful to have the chance to embrace it in the particular way I do.
One of the best experiences like this so far has been when I went to dinner in Chinatown with a couple Chinese students and some of our friends. We went to a fairly authentic restaurant, and our Chinese friends ordered us all an array of traditional dishes. During dinner and our walk through part of the town afterward, I learned a lot about Chinese culture.
I love learning about other cultures this way so much more than just reading about it because it I gain so much more respect for people and culture, and hearing it from a friend who knows it makes it so much easier to relate to. I leave the time even more awe-inspired by God about the people and diversity He’s in this world, and I grow in my love for the people around me. Here’s to more times like these with even more friends. 


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