Destination and Reason- the Music of Life

“If I could disappear. You don’t have to know why you’re going, just why it is you wanna leave. If I disappear. You don’t have to know where you’re going, just where it is you wanna be”
-Parachute, “Disappear”
Thinking about this in the context of journeys we embark on in life. Is this song speaking truth? Does it really matter if we know where we’re going or why we’re going? Is where we -want- to be and why we want to leave what really matters?

My own opinion is that looking at why we’re leaving focuses on the negative,and maybe that’s not always the most helpful thing to do. Of course, I tend to want to look for the positive more than the negative. So I think that we should maybe focus more on why we are going, rather than why we’re leaving. I do agree though that we don’t always have to know where we’re going and should definitely think about where we want to be. Not only does it give something to look forward to, but it relieves the pressure of having it all figured out.


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