A Gradient Matter

It’s been said by some students here that the assignments we complete here and the grades we get here ultimately don’t matter because no one interviewing us for ministry is going to ask about our grades. While that may be true and while it is also true that I have little experience in the work field, I think one’s grades in college are not a high priority in most other places either, though they may be a factor.
The idea that many assignments, at least at a freshman level, are not graded thoroughly at all, is sometimes quite the concept to wrap my head around. Classes here are not done around the framework of learning material in order to know it along with prove it on a test and then you’re virtually done with the matter. Instead they are done mostly around the framework of practicing your knowledge in a way that you can continue immediately after the class is over, in your everyday life, and not only provide you with knowledge you’ll need in ministry in and out of your field, but knowledge and experiences that change and grow your walk with Christ now and later.
So sometimes it’s okay to simply not care about grades but about passing the class, or it’s okay to hand in work that’s maybe not as complete as it could or should be, because the process, the learning, the growth are all what is ultimately important. In some ways, that’s a new and crazy concept for me because of my short but recent community college experience. In other ways, it’s a concept I’m coming back to and am grateful to have some familiarity with because of my long homeschool experience.
-thoughts from Amanda, the Bible college freshman


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