My First Missions Conference

Moody has had its annual missions conference for the past two full days, but in some ways, it has seemed to be so much more than that.These are just a few of my thoughts on it and a taste of what it’s been like.
The conference arrived right after celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (which Moody participated in), and our times of worship have included recognition and participation in styles of worship from other countries. The past two days have been filled, not just with testimonies and information on missions at work throughout the world, but also with great opportunities to slow down and gain some spiritual enrichment. Time to think about where we feel we are being led and where our hearts lie, and time to take a few minutes to really see the cultures and people of the world we live in.
The United States is still the top missionary-sending country in the world, but it is also now the top missionary-receiving country in the world. And as we took time in worship to talk and pray about big current issues in the world and the city of Chicago right now (Haiti, record high fatal shooting numbers, etc.), it was really encouraging when we took the time to pray about the upcoming U.S. election. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, but I’m so thankful to take advantage of the opportunity- not just for the time of learning, but the time to process a little bit, to be cultured a little more, to simply look at the entire scope of what ministry is.


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