The Lines Between Race and Violence

If we believe that race begins in nationality, but is mostly based in community and is a social construct (an idea developed by a society, but not always believed widespread or an actual reality). And if we believe the Bible clearly presents principles for race relations, and that these principles are of love, nonviolence, and unique person-hood…
Do you believe in nonviolence completely, and would do nothing that could be considered violent to defend yourself or others in the position of being attacked? And do you, would you, really follow through with this belief when it came to your loved ones being attacked, to the support of the military, to your stance on Second Amendment rights?
Or do you believe in nonviolence, but only to an extent so as to provide the ability to defend or seek vengeance in certain situations? And if you believe in nonviolence to an extent, then where do you draw the line, and how do you justify that?
Where do you believe the Bible clearly states you are allowed to protect yourself? And how do you justify this?
Just some food for thought from one of my classes to start your week with.


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