Home- an Earthly Taste of a Heavenly Forever

Home. It’s something you think about when you move away for the first time. You realize that the home you grew up in is just temporary.
Family and where you grew up may be the most consistent home you know, but it’s still temporary, especially in light of being a Christian. And to cover all my bases, before moving to Chicago, home for me was Ohio and out in the open country. It was during that one week of the summer I spent at camp for 12 years. It was when I was with the friends I made at church during high school. It was where I was myself without shame. It was where I felt alive and full of excitement and joy.
I never doubted I could find home elsewhere, nor did I think it would take a long time, yet it has surprised me how quickly it felt like home here. I’m still not entirely used to navigating the city, but that simply takes practice and time. But it’s also apparent to me that this is temporary. Things will shift and my time here will not be forever.
But all of these homes are merely a taste of what my eternal home will be like. God’s kindness is so great that He gives us little pieces of heaven on earth. He gives us a small idea of what the fellowship, happiness, peace, joy, and community that we’ll have in heaven. Just as trouble in life is only temporary and no match for the victory and goodness found in Christ, so the homes that we find on earth are only temporary and will never compare to what we will find in heaven one day.


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